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Lucy Love + Support (TBA)

Time: Saturday 26. March 2022 at 20:00
Registration ends Saturday 26. March 2022 at 20:00

They have been quiet for a long time, but now Denmark's acclaimed 'Do-It Yourself-Duo' are back with powerful gun-clap lyrics and world-class grime.

 Lucy Siame has together with her faithful partner-in-crime, producer Yo Akim, returned to the symbiotic joy of creating. The duo Lucy Love is now back, wearing the seven-mile boots in the best comic-book style and are ready to take over world domination with their powerful grime and conceptual art.

Lucy Love is the manifestation of a modern superstar. The duo has forged their own identity through hard work, dedication and big visions which shines through in both the uncompromising nature of the music and in the well thought out visual universe.

On Lucy Love’s fourth album, 'Hammerhead', it is the fascination between lacquer/leather and cartoon aesthetics that ties it all together and again it is copper-fastened which kind of artistic substance Lucy Love delivers through their well-executed rhymes and lyrics, merciless honesty, subtle humor, tight productions and electro-punk-inspired grime. All delivered in a complete package of wild visuals leaving a huge impression.


Listen to ‘Hammerhead’ here:




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DOORS: 20.00

SHOW: 20.30

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