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Kompot: Public Buffalo

Tidspunkt: onsdag d. 24. november 2021 kl. 20:00 - onsdag d. 24. november 2021 kl. 23:00

What can language do? Experience the post-grunge group Public Buffalo in a conversation with Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen about the bitter-sweet implications of using English as a lingua musicalis to connect, create, and crack.


Ushma’s presentation is named Tidal Waves of English – What can language do?, which hints directly to the first EP from Public Buffalo. She will discuss what English can do as a musical language, and afterwards she and the audience will have a short talk with the band about their use of English as a tool to reach their audiences.


The evening will end with a concert, where you can experience the Danish post-grunge group Public Buffalo, who were was spat out of the Western part of Jutland in the late 2010s. Right from the beginning the band collectively found a sensation of unity in music that was a bit odd. The core of Public Buffalo is the perception and recognition of living in a troubled time, and that is the fundamental objective of Public Buffalo; no one is on their own, not even when the amplifiers have been shut off and the audience have returned home.


This event is in English.


DOORS: 20.00

SHOW: 20.30



DKK 40 (members)

DKK 60 (non-members)


Debate generating events are supported by FO Aarhus. Kompot is supported by Tuborgfondet.


DKK 40,00


DKK 60,00