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Guided tour in English

Tidspunkt: tirsdag d. 2. juli 2024 kl. 13:00 - tirsdag d. 2. juli 2024 kl. 14:00



Guided tour in the Museum.

Who was Ovartaci?


...and why was he a patient at the Psychiatric Hospital, and what type of life did he live during his 56 years there?

Join our guided tour in English and learn more about Ovartaci. The tour is about one hour, and we recommend you delve further into the exhibition on your own afterwards.
Max capacity is 25 assigned first come, first served.
Price is 75 DKK for the guided tour + admission to the museum 95 DKK


Del arrangementet på de sociale medier:


DKK 75,00


DKK 95,00