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Tidspunkt: lørdag d. 10. februar 2024 - søndag d. 18. februar 2024
Registrering slutter mandag d. 4. december 2023

Team up as partnership to:

  • Learn more about local climate challenges
  • Get inspiration on how to take climate action
  • Explore how to consider climate and sustainability in your ongoing projects
  • Visit local organizations working on climate issues in Kenya
  • Network with Kenyan, Zimbabwean and Danish youth with a key interest in climate and sustainability

The seminar is organized and co-facilitated by Youth Alive Kenya, YETT in Zimbabwe and DUF.

How to apply

You apply together as partnership, and each organization can send two (2) representatives. That means four (4) all in all. 

There is free application method – Send a motivation letter, power point presentation, movie, pictures, a collage, podcast, paintings, scrapbook, brochure etc. you decide. Keep it short and simple. We value engagement, commitment, and motivation in the application.

The application must consist of:

  • Your motivation as a partnership for participating.
  • Your persepctive on climate action.
  • How your partnership can benefit from your participation.

The application can be added as the final stage when you sign up here. 

Deadline for applications: December 4, 2023.

DUF cover all costs (transportation national and international, food, vaccinations, insurance, visa etc.).


  • Highly motivated, wanting to network and learn more about climate action.
  • Age between 18-30.
  • Be able to participate in preparatory meeting and the international EXPLORE: CLIMATE ACTION in Kenya.
  • You need to apply as a partnerhsip 
  • It is not a requirement that you have experience with global networks and climate action. The focus is on learning and participation.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.


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